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A. No. The Secretary of State does not currently accept DocuSign, signature stamps, or otherwise electronically generated signatures. They will accept a clear scan/copy of a wet signature.
A. As we are not a law firm, we cannot provide you with legal advice. That said, the Secretary of State publishes all of their forms, samples, and corresponding fees here. Choose the form that best suits your circumstances. Still not sure? You can also review their filing tips or contact the State’s Business Programs Division at (916) 657-5448.
A. The processing time for standard varies according to the State’s workload. It generally carries a smaller fee, but takes several weeks for documents to be returned. Expedited processing carries a nonrefundable $350 fee and carries a State turnaround time of 24 hrs/1 business day.
A. The fees vary depending on the form(s) being filed, copy requests, and requested processing time. The State fees are usually printed in the top left of their form. We charge $100 for expedited processing and $65 for standard.
A. That depends on the filing. Most filings (Articles of Organization/Incorporation, Statements of Information, Records Requests, etc.) can be sent through our online order form. The apostille counter will only accept original hard copies, most of which must be notarized locally before the State will process them.
A. Usually, yes. We request one certified copy by default. Most companies want one for their records, and most banks require one in order to open a business account.
A. Yes. The State requires both valid street and mailing information for each business entity. Just remember that the State will not accept a P.O. box or mail store box (UPS, FedEx, etc.) as a valid street address.
A. A registered agent for service of process is an individual or corporation who receives the initial summons in the event the company is sued. Any legal adult resident of California can serve as an individual registered agents. Again, no P.O. boxes—the agent must be available in person during regular business hours. If you’d rather use a corporate agent, that’s ok too. We offer this service for $65 a year.
A. If you filed on an expedited basis, you’ll receive scans of the documents the following business day between 3:30-4:30PM. If you filed on a standard basis, we’ll send you scans of the documents as they become available from the State.
A. We can help you obtain the records to take a California company out of state or register a foreign company in California.
A. Employer Identification Numbers are issued directly from the IRS. This is separate from the entity’s Secretary of State number (stamped in upper right). You may apply for an EIN online, by fax, or mail.
A. No. Business licenses and DBA’s are handled at the local level—you’ll need to check with your city/county. Patents and trademarks are handled at the Federal level.
A. Our staff reviews documents for overall quality, clarity, and checks for some of the most common causes of rejection (missing address, electronic signature). That said, we cannot guarantee a filing will be approved, as all approvals/rejection are subject to the State examiner’s discretion.
A. In the event the State rejects a document, the examiner includes a rejection letter. This letter outlines any errors or required revisions. Read the rejection letter thoroughly and correct the document accordingly. The examiner provides their contact information if you’d like to dispute the rejection or have additional questions. To refile, follow the instructions provided in the rejection email. If you instead submit a refile as a new order, it will be processed as a new order.