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Delivery Routes

From Sac and into the extended Sacramento area...
From Sac to San Francisco, San Jose, and the Bay Area...
From Sac to Reno, Lake Tahoe, and into Nevada...
Sierra Express delivers!

Extended Sacramento Area

Since 1984 we have proudly served our home community of Sacramento. Over the last 25+ years of dedicated delivery we have come to know every shortcut, backroad, and quick route to making our destination times stick.

San Francisco, San Jose, & The Bay Area

For the common driver this can be one of the most undesirable routes due to the unexpected. Our delivery team loves the challenges that spring up along this route and embrace all of the traffic, smog, and orange construction signs that decorate it.

Reno, Lake Tahoe, & Nevada

Porcupines, rabbits, and bears. Oh my! Through rain, sleet, and snow our delivery team has braved the high altitude weather and animals that roam about to deliver packages in tact and on time.